About the Challenge

The FIRST Global RoboCo Challenge takes place in RoboCo, a PC video game developed by Filament Games in collaboration with FIRST Global. In the game, teams build and control robots to conquer tricky challenges inspired by real world robotics applications. Running from 2 January to 4 March 2023, the Challenge tasks participants with playing RoboCo on their computers, capturing their best attempts at each round.

The 2023 Season

This year’s challenge includes 3 rounds - the Qualifiers, the Playoffs, and the Finals. Each round takes place in a different game board.

During the Qualifiers, your team will tackle RoboCo's Tippy Toe Tidy Up level, building a robot that can clean a messy room, vacuuming up all the dust without waking the human.
In the Playoffs, your team will compete for the best score on RoboCo's Chrome Thumb level, building a robot that can bring life to a peaceful garden.
In the Finals, your team will take on RoboCo's Across the Goo level, where your team will build a brave robot to cross a gap and stop a dangerous radioactive goo leak.